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4 Things You Can Do with a Wrecked Car

Following an accident, only some cars can get road-ready again. People often need clarification when they have multiple options but are struggling to choose the BEST one to dispose of their vehicle.

They can donate their car, keep it or sell it to a wrecker who accepts cash for cars Adelaide. But which option gives them the best deal?

The answer lies in the four subsequent points. After reading them, you can make an informed decision about whether to sell or keep the car. So, could you stick with us till the end?

If yes then here are the four best options you have:

  1.     Contact the insurer

Insurance companies generally pay you for totalled cars. But different insurance companies have different ways of deciding whether the vehicle is entirely wrecked.

And the situation can get tricky when your car fails to pass its tests. In that case, it is rendered useless to you since it won’t be able to hit the roads without costly repairs.

Moreover, vintage cars cost more in repairs than their actual value. Thus, the option of selling your vehicle to the insurer can be a complicated one.

  1.     Keep it and repair it.

It is an excellent option to consider. You can keep your car if its insurance claim doesn’t leave you with a good amount of cash.

You can still get it repaired from a local service centre and hit the roads again. But for that to happen, your car must at least be in a movable situation.

If it is wrecked, then this option isn’t for you.

  1.     Hire car wreckers

Do you want to avoid settling claims with insurance companies? Do you want to get your wrecked car disposed for free?

Also, would you mind getting it towed for free to the junkyard while getting a good value paid based on its usable and non-usable components?

If yes, then this option is your best bet.

Car wreckers Adelaide would visit your garage, inspect your car’s condition, note down the actual price for each component (usable/unusable) and tow away your vehicle after handing over the amount in cash to you.

The best part about this option is that you do not have to move an inch. Everything from ownership transfer to towing will happen automatically.

Also, wreckers use environment-friendly techniques to dispose of their car to reduce their carbon footprint.

  1.     Donate it

Lastly, if you are okay with not getting any money for your car, you can donate it to an organisation and help feed the poor and needy.

The good part about this option is that you will likely get a tax rebate on the same and will be viewed with respect in society.

Final Thoughts- Which one is better?

After assessing all the options and weighing them on the merit of money, comfort, and environmental friendliness, we recommend you go with car wreckers in Adelaide.

Their professionalism and expertise outweigh all other options. Moreover, you do not have to worry about hefty paperwork and hire an expensive towing service to dispose of it.

Everything will run on autopilot. So, contact wreckers today for a no-obligation quote.