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Are Winter Tyres Better Than All-Season Tyres? Know More

Just like human beings change clothes depending on the type of season they are experiencing, your car also requires similar treatment when it comes to tyres. In case you’re not aware, then you must know that there are three types of seasonal tyres available for vehicles and they are as follows:

  • Summer tyres
  • Winter tyres
  • All-season tyres

According to Adelaide car wreckers, most vehicle owners out there believe that using all-season tyres would be enough to get them through the summer & winter season. While all-season tyres may work as an alternative to summer season tyres, they can never work similarly to dedicated winter tyres. Therefore, to help you understand in-depth this issue and how winter tyres are better than all-season tyres, we have created this extensive guide that you should go through in its entirety.

The Design Of Winter Tyres

One of the primary reasons why winter tyres tend to be better than all-season tyres is because of their structure & design. Winter tyres are made specifically for the winter season so that they can deal with the winter road conditions such as ice or snow.

The winter season tyres tend to feature v-shaped grooves in them. These v-shaped grooves help in pulling the snow or ice from under the tyres and then push the same away on either of its sides. It should be known that too much snow or ice can make your vehicle slip, skid or spin on the road. However, when you use winter tyres, you can drastically reduce that possibility. As a result, you and your passengers can stay safe on the road. Furthermore, winter tyres are manufactured in different sizes of dimensions than all-season tyres. All-season tyres tend to be 215 mm wide while winter tyres range from 195 to 205 mm in width.

Since the tyre width becomes smaller (comparing winter tyres and all-season tyres), the pressure exerted by the vehicle on the base of its tyres increases. And as the pressure increases, so does the road control. Thus, winter tyres are the best when it comes to winter season usage.

The Type Of Material Used In Winter Season Tyres

Another fantastic reason why you should proceed to use winter tyres instead of all-season tyres is the type of material they use for the tyre manufacturing process. According to professional services for cash for wrecked cars in Adelaide, the material for all-season tyres isn’t built for sub-zero or cold weather. However, when it comes to winter tyres, they’re made for cold, sub-zero temperatures.

Thus, if you live in an area where the winter temperatures will drop below 7 degrees Celsius, then you must use winter tyres at all costs. Moreover, winter tyres retain their rubber consistency over time.