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Why are Car Wreckers the Best Option for Selling Wrecked Cars?

Why sell your car to a wrecker when you can get it dumped in the scrap yard for some cash? This is one of the arguments that most car owners give when their car becomes non-roadworthy.

Such arguments come from naivety as most people have little knowledge about car dismantlers Adelaide except that they make people undergo hefty paperwork and do not give the best market price for cars.

But is that so? Would hiring a car wrecker mean a lot of stress, paperwork and an overall lousy deal?

All these myths are false, and we have prepared a list to counter them. So, let’s take a look:

  1. Free towing service

Managing a wrecked vehicle is a big job. Experts first have to assemble it to tow it away.

You will have to pay a decent amount if you hire a towing agency. But wreckers do it for FREE.

Moreover, they have the expertise in assembling and towing all types of cars, something a towing agency may or may not possess.

So, why spend hundreds of dollars when you can get it removed for free?

  1.     They recognise the value.

Unlike your friends or family, presumably laypeople regarding car assessments, wreckers are experts in recognising the value of a vehicle based on its condition.

Wreckers come with a team of evaluators and inspectors who are well-versed in judging the cost of every component based on its actual value.

These evaluators create a list of all the usable and unusable components and hand it over to you along with their price charts.

This way, you get the genuine value for your car and not just a random estimate.

  1.     No standard maintenance is required.

Nobody accepts an immovable car. In other words, if you want to sell your car to a friend, an ordinary buyer or a family member, it should at least have standard maintenance done to be roadworthy.

Even standard maintenance from an average repair garage would cost you a hefty amount if the car is entirely wrecked.

That is why it is best to sell it to car buyers Adelaide. They neither expect nor ask you to maintain it. Thus, you can get cash for your wrecked car even without spending a single buck.

  1.     They dispose appropriately 

Given how carbon emissions and footprint are increasing by the day, dumping your car as it is on a dumping site is irresponsible and unacceptable.

The good news is that wreckers care for the environment while disposing of wrecked cars. They segregate all that can be used from the unusable components.

Most usable components are then recycled and reused in car repairs. In this way, wreckers ensure that the soil remains fertile for further use.

Final Thoughts

If you want to sell your wrecked car and get paid well for it, car wreckers are your only option. They accept all types of vehicles in all conditions and pay you accordingly.

So, quickly head to the wrecker’s website and book your slot today.