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Scrap Car vs Salvage Car: What’s the Difference?

You may have often heard these terms when deciding to sell your car. The difference between scrap and salvage cars is relatively small, and the term is often used interchangeably. 

But the difference is what factors the resale value of your car. If you have been considering selling your car, you need to know the difference between them. 

Here is the difference between scrap and salvage cars, and what is the right way to get rid of them. 

What is a scrap car?

A scrap car is a car past its prime and can not be taken on the road. It has seen better days and no longer can serve its purpose. When a car is impossible to repair, or the repair cost is higher than its worth. It is sold as scrap for the weight of its material. 

Scrap cars usually have been on the road for decades and are now non-functional. If the part can not be sent to circulation, selling them as scraps to cash for wrecked services is the only choice left. 

What is a salvage car?

Like scrap cars, a car is often labelled salvage when it is beyond repair. It can be due to an accident or regular wear and tear when the car’s repair cost seems too high for it to be deemed worthy.

A salvage car still holds more value due to its parts and other vital components, which can be used in cars of the same model and make with little or no repair. 

The difference between them 

When a car is labelled as salvage, it is still possible for it to return to the street after repair, whereas a scrap car can only be sold for its weight as scrap. 

A car with a salvage title is worth more money than a scrap car. Its parts are still valuable and provide you with a better value from cash for car services. On the other hand, the only valuable part of a scrap car is the weight of its materials. 

The right approach for the best value

Once you have figured out which category your car falls in, it is better to start calling around. If it is a scrap one, scrap car removal in Adelaide is the ideal choice for you, as they will be interested in providing some value for it, as you don’t have much to negotiate with. 

On the other hand, with a salvage, you can still negotiate for a better value. Especially when the parts are in good condition and are useful, salvage cars still have the potential for repair and can go back to being roadworthy, but it is better to sell them off for the best cash and let the buyer take care of it. Repairing a salvage is costly and a huge hassle you will not find worthy of your time and effort. 


The difference between salvage and scrap cars is what decides its worth. The difference may seem narrow, but it is a huge determining factor in your old’s valuation.