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What Is The Process Of Car Removal In Adelaide?

The car removal process in Adelaide is more about the storage and selling of vehicles than getting rid of them. Therefore, cars are removed from residential streets by Perth City Council when they will not be parked on any resident’s property for a considerable time – usually no longer than three months.

This means that cars can be removed if they have been tunneled out of their block and placed onto a public roadway or the footpath. To further facilitate this, all private car owners are required by law to move their vehicles off city roads when street sweeping takes place.

Different services offered

Car dismantling:

If you have your car removed by a service that is good at removing cars without damaging them too much and without causing the entire block to lose power, then you will be able to access the parts that are no longer of use. The Car Dismantlers in Adelaide will allow you to sell off these parts individually.

All types of car removal:

If no removals are planned, then the car owners will be provided with a timetable for when they have to take their vehicle away. This information can be gathered from the council’s website or by contacting their customer service number.

Car wrecking:

A car wrecker will tell the owner that they have to take their car away immediately or remove it shortly. This is particularly true for not insured cars or known to have been damaged. If the owner wants their car to be saved from being dismantled, then they will have to pay a large sum of money for the work that needs to be done on it.

Demolished cars:

If it is very problematic to move the vehicle from where it has been put on public property, the city council will destroy it. This could be a better option for you if you want to get rid of your unwanted cars for cash.

Car collection from roadsides:

Certain private companies that provide car removal services can use a hydraulic pump to remove cars from the footpath and roadways. However, they will still have to tow the vehicle back to their premises to take it off the street.

Scrap metal recycling:

As cars are usually taken away by private companies, the service providers do not make any money when they deliver vehicles or parts back to scrap metal recycling facilities. This is why the standards of scrap metal recycling facilities might not be as high as you would want them to be. However, some car removal companies are good at recycling vehicles and ensuring that this happens.

Car storage:

Even if you do not want your vehicle to be recycled or dismantled, you might still have to take it off the street if no car removals are scheduled in your area. When this occurs, you can leave the vehicle on your property so long as it is not taking up any public space and has been moved off the road.