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4 Tips To Consider While Choosing Kia Car Wreckers in Adelaide

Your Kia car, which was once the talk of the town, has now come to the end of its life. As a wise owner, it is time to see how you can bid it farewell after extracting a handsome value from it.

And, for that, you need to find reliable Kia wreckers Adelaide. The wreckers will ensure a smooth removal process by swift car investigation, preparing a quote, finishing the paperwork and finally towing the car away after handing you a nice pile of cash.

However, it is not as simple as it may sound since some wreckers can prepare false car inspection reports, underpay for the same and add towing charges in the final quote.

Therefore, to avoid such fraudsters, here are four things you must consider before hiring Kia auto dismantlers.

  1.   Research their reputation

The Internet can be a tricky place. Therefore, do not go by wrecker’s appreciation videos on their website, as they may hire actors to masquerade as customers.

So, whom to trust, then?

Well, Google and Yelp are highly unlikely to lie. You can check out the reviews and ratings there. Communities on Facebook and Discord are also considered authentic, as they have random people sharing their experiences.

However, if you do not want to delve into deep research, simply trust a friend or a family member with their recommendations.

  1.   Check out their licence.

Once you find a genuine company, the next step is to verify their authenticity. Check out their licensing and registration with the concerned authorities.

Every wrecker must have a motor dealer licence and must have undergone courses such as AURSCA001, AURVTN042 and AURASA002, among many others.

Proper licensing means wreckers will adhere to legal procedures and prepare foolproof paperwork.

  1.   Check out their location, availability and disposal methods.

To derive maximum cash for damaged cars Adelaide, you must hire someone from a nearby location. That way, they won’t charge additional towing and inspection costs.

The location also impacts the availability of the wrecker. If you are located 20 miles away, they will hesitate to book your slot if they are pressed for time.

Besides that, you must ensure they use eco-friendly disposal methods for your vehicle. The last thing you want is to be a prime contributor to global warming,

  1.   Compare different quotes

If you have gotten multiple quotes from different wreckers, you should analyse their pricing patterns.

Compare the price they have set for labour, usable/unusable materials and wrecked metal frame.

While some wreckers would cut corners to give you a satisfactory quote, others won’t budge an inch on their final quote. You must find someone ready to leave a little profit margin to accommodate your word.

Besides that, be aware of additional towing, inspection, assembling and disassembling charges. Most wreckers would happily offer these services at a minimum token, while others may deduct these charges from the final quote.

Final Thoughts

Finding a genuine wrecker takes a lot more than just an Internet search. You must be well-versed in the research you need to do, the pain points you need to touch and the questions you need to ask them.

So, consider these points and let this article help land an authentic wrecker for you in Adelaide.