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Do not underestimate the value of your old, unwanted car. That junk piece of metal can earn you huge cash! Yes. With HS Car Removals, you can get top cash for your old scrap car irrespective of the damage.

We are top car wreckers in Adelaide who offer the best cash for car quote in the region. With our experience, in-depth automotive knowledge and eye for detail, we find the most useful factors in your wrecked car that others overlook and are ready to pay the highest price that meets your expectations. Our eco friendly car wreckers will handle your junk car with safety. All you need is to call us and get cash on the spot for your old cars, used cars

Need Instant Cash for Scrap Car in Adelaide

Make your dream to own your favourite car a reality with the help of professional car wreckers at HS Car Removals. We are the premier car wrecking company that offers top cash for cars. We buy wrecked damaged vehicles and even junk cars and give you more cash than expected in exchange. We pay instant cash and even offer bank transfers for various cars.

When you choose to sell your car to us, you can be assured that you are dealing with trusted and reliable car wreckers who make the selling process quick and efficient. Our customer satisfaction rating is the highest and this shows we provide great customer service. Just call us and one of our professionals will come to inspect and help you get the car removed. Once all the details are confirmed, we pay you instant cash on the spot and arrange a free car removal. No questions asked. Call now!

Bring Your Wrecked Car & Count Your Cash

Driving an old, outdated car is frustrating. No matter how much you spend on its repairs, it will start deteriorating one day or another. Thus, the best option is to sell it to one of the premier auto wreckers here at HS Car Removals.

You can ride your car to our expansive scrapyard or schedule a visit with one of our car removalists. Our experts will come to your place (home or office), assess the car, and offer you the best price in exchange. From free car removals to quick scrap removal, we provide service within a few hours of your call. We are sure you will not refuse the price we quote for your damaged vehicle. We will also arrange a removal service free of cost. In fact, many car owners contact us because we provide free car wrecking services. So why sell your commercial vehicles, unwanted vehicles, or scrap cars with the busted engine to other car removal companies. Sell your car to us and get hard cash in return. Call now for a free quote!

Best Way To Sell Your Car in Adelaide

Selling your vehicle can be challenging as you have to choose the right buyers who pay you the maximum price for your car and dispose of the vehicle in an environmentally friendly manner. Here at HS Car Removals, we will take stress and inconvenience off your hands without putting you through any trouble. We are the most trusted and reliable cash car buyer in Adelaide. We know you cannot keep your old classic cars on the street with nothing but more expenses on their way. So let us take care of your junk, unwanted, and scrap car before it causes any trouble for you or anyone else. You can rest assured that our experienced and skilled car removal and evaluation team will provide you with the best quote and give you top money for your vehicle, so why not try our services out today?

We follow a simple 3-step process: You call us, we come to your home and evaluate your car. We give you a quote for our services and make sure you are comfortable with it before we pay you and the process is done.

We are a licensed business operating in Adelaide. You can read our customer testimonials to check how satisfied customers are with our free towing, fast pick up and quick cash services.

What do I need to do to sell my car today?

How should I sell my car in a simple manner and at a good price in Port Adelaide? If you are worried about our unwanted car and such questions hassle you, the best solution for this is HS Car Removals. Our customer-first approach is intended to make selling a stress-free and joyful process. Unlike other private buyers who might trick you to pay some hidden at the last moment, with us you don’t have to worry about any such thing.

To sell your unwanted and scrap car, follow these steps:

  1. Call us or email us when you are comfortable. Fill up the online form to get a free quote from our experts.
  2. Our towing trucks are always ready to provide free pick-up for your vehicle. We reach your doorstep or anywhere where you are comfortable to discuss the details about your car.
  3. We analyse your car with an expert team. Our team of experts is well aware of the market rates and is skilled to give you a proper valuation of your car.
  4. We provide a hassle-free valuation of your car and provide the best cash offer.
  5. If you love it, we seal the deal and pay you instant cash. We pay cash for your old, scrap, and unwanted cars Adelaide wide.
  6. If not, we go no questions asked.

Isn’t the entire process easy and seamless? So why choose another car buyer? Call us NOW!

Cash for Unwanted Cars in Adelaide

If you or your friend has any old, used, unwanted, damaged, broken, or classic vehicle, you don’t need to store it anymore. Also, if your car is damaged, has turned into a scrap vehicle and you are looking for reasons to dispose it, get in touch with HS Car Removals. We provide the best car removal services in Adelaide. We are into buying damaged, and used vehicles, like cars, trucks, jeeps, and vans, from individuals who don’t need them anymore. We provide car towing service for free and that too on the same day. The cash paid by us for wrecked cars is based on market valuation.

Our unwanted car removal service will buy your unwanted car, and you get paid for it on the same day! Even if the car is in non-working condition or is just scrap metal, our Cash for Unwanted Cars service is always here to help you.

We quote a price, depending on the car details provided by you. We check the make, model, and age of the car before we quote a price. All our transactions are completely transparent and accurate. To know more about our services, contact us today, get rid of your unwanted vehicle, and earn instant cash. So, what are you waiting for?

Get Cash for Old & Broken Cars in Adelaide

HS Car Removals is into the business of buying cars for a long time and we are one of the leading car wreckers in Adelaide as we are true to our services. We understand that your car may not be functioning well, but it holds value even in its worst condition. Our auto appraisers know the true worth of your vehicle and unlike other car buyers, we pay you the right price for your vehicle. We buy cars of all models and makes.

We are also one of the most trusted car removal company that provides free car removals for cash Adelaide.

We wreck all the vehicles and provide the best scrap car removal service all across Adelaide. We remove all the car parts with utmost care so that the functional parts can be reused and your car disposal becomes easy and green.

So, if you have a broken, unwanted, old car that no longer serves its purpose, then sell it to us and get top dollars in return. Call now!

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Benefits to Buy Old Cars
with HS Car Removals

We pay top cash for any vehicle in Adelaide

Cars, vans, trucks, 4wds, utes buyers in Adelaide

Free appraisal for any condition vehicle

We buy vehicles on same day after hand in cash to you

Hassle free and quick vehicle collection in Adelaide

We do paper work and give you cash in an hour

Our Experience in Car Buying Industry


Cash for Unwanted Cars in Adelaide

We provide cash-for-car services in Port Adelaide. We buy damaged and used vehicles, like cars, trucks, jeeps, and vans, from individuals who do not need them anymore. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with HS Car Removals.


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