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Do you have an unwanted Ford car that is lying in your garage and gathering dust and grim? If yes, then contact HS Car Removals today. We will clear the scrap from your home in return for instant cash. When it comes to recycling and disposing of the product, we go by the eco-friendly approach, whereby all the hazardous components are disposed of safely, iron is sent to a steel recycling factory, and all good parts are retained for further use.

By contacting us, you are not just disposing of your Ford car but also making sure it doesn’t damage the environment in any way. We make the entire process seamless and hassle-free. Also, we provide towing facility for free, so that our clients do not suffer from any inconvenience while selling their Ford cars.

We are renowned for our Ford car wrecking services in Adelaide, South Australia. Our motive is to provide the best service, complete satisfaction, and instant cash to our customers.

So, why wait when you can give us a call today? Contact us for more information and procedure for disposing of the Ford vehicle easily and seamlessly. We take great pride in being the largest and most reputed junk Ford car wrecking company. Just send us your Ford vehicle information and we will contact you with a free quote instantly.

Ford Auto Wreckers Adelaide Accepts All Ford Makes, Models

When you choose HS Car Removals, you get prompt delivery of cash against your scrap Ford vehicle in a hassle-free manner. No matter whether the damage has occurred due to wear and tear, accidents, low mileage, extreme weather forces, or anything alike, we are happy to get that unwanted Ford vehicle removed from your home.

Scraping has now become an effective and time-efficient measure to dispose of Ford cars. So, whenever you decide to get rid of the unwanted Ford car, unload that to us and we will take it from there. Our Ford car wrecking services are 100% immaculate, so if you are looking for car wrecking services in Adelaide, get in touch with us immediately. We take all makes and models of Ford cars right from Ford Mustang, Ford GT, Ford Grand C-MAX, or even Ford Transit Connect.

Also, we offer free wrecked Ford removal services all across the city. Contact us now and get immediate cash for all Ford vehicles.

We Pay Top Cash for Your Scrapped & Unwanted Ford Cars

We are a scrap Ford car buyer in Adelaide and always ensure to pay you top cash against your Ford vehicle in any condition it might be in, including transmission problems, dead battery, poor mileage or fully burned out. The reasons for damage can be many but the realization value of the Ford vehicle is always satisfactory. Get your damaged car vanished in just some clicks by calling us today.

Convert your scrap metal to money. Take a no-obligation quote today and put your car’s scrap to better use. Choose us and then just sit back and relax while we efficiently complete the entire dismantling and wrecking process.

Ford Car Wreckers & Dismantlers in Adelaide

We are Adelaide’s largest Ford car wreckers and dismantlers. We supply the parts to keep our environment green. We take immense pride in providing all our customers with the best deal on their Ford vehicles. You can give us a call anytime to fetch more information on how we wreck and dismantle the Ford cars and why selling them to scrap is the best call you can do for your old Ford.

So now if you need to remove an unwanted car and be paid for it, contact us and we will pay the best cash for the car in the market. We collect them, pay cash for them and then intelligently recycle them in our Ford Car Wreckers & Dismantlers garage in Adelaide.

Why Choose Our Ford Car Wreckers?

We at HS Car Removal provide many benefits along with our services like-

-We offer an accessible towing facility for the damaged Ford Vehicle.

-Our cash payments are done on the spot.

-We are environmentally friendly as we use all the spare parts in good condition at reasonable costs. We check how authentic the parts are before we send them for refurbishing.

-Our entire process is fully paperless and hence we won’t trouble you by asking you to sign piles of documents.

-We provide same-day Ford car removal services

In a nutshell, we guarantee you that you won’t regret your decision of selling your damaged and old Ford car to HS Car Removals. Call us to know more.



Contact us at 0415 500 301 to gather more information on surrendering the scrap vehicle.

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