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Cash for Cars 101: Figuring out how much your old car is worth

Is your old car taking too much space in your garage, or are you considering buying a new one?

There can be many reasons for you to decide to sell your old used car. But are you aware of your car’s current market value, and how can you get the top cash for cars in Adelaide? 

Well, one faces many such questions while figuring out cash for cars. After all, you don’t want to sell your car for a low price and regret it later. So, here’s the perfect guide to help you figure out how much your old car is worth and whether it is worth selling to BMW wreckers in Adelaide

How to calculate your old car’s worth?

It is not easy to figure out your old car’s worth, as many factors influence this decision. Well, these factors are what will help you calculate the value of your old and used car. 

Here’s how you can determine what your old car is worth. 

Research online

The Internet has answers to all our questions. That is why it should be the first place you should go to figure out the actual value of your old and used car. With thorough online research, figuring out the actual cost of your car would be much easier. 

Many online forums can help you find the right price. You can also use many online calculators to calculate the right price for your vehicle. With the help of some research, you can estimate the actual value of your car. It will also help you set realistic expectations.

The condition of your used car

This one is quite obvious and one of the most influencing factors in determining the value of a car. The first question would be, does your car start? If yes, the value will be much better than a car in a dormant condition. 

If your car doesn’t work and the repair cost is much higher than the resale value, it would be best to sell it to wreckers than to a private buyer. How much your car has travelled, and its mileage is also crucial in determining its resale value.

Get a quote from car wreckers or car dealers.

This one would be the easiest way to determine the worth of your 

used car. If you want to save yourself from the hassle of figuring out the right price for your vehicle, get multiple quotes from different car wreckers and car dealers. After a thorough inspection, they will estimate the right value for your car. 

It is also an excellent choice for easy car removal from your garage or any other place. If your car can not move or is in very bad condition, then selling it to a car wrecker in Adelaide will be the most convenient option. 


Consider these above tips and factors to determine the right value for your used and old car. Many cash-for-cars services will provide a free valuation with few easy steps.