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If your Volkswagen car has lived its life and it’s time to bid adieu, contact HS Car Removal right away. We are a well-known team of VW wreckers in Adelaide and can happily take all the makes and models of VK vehicles right from your door. So, whether your car is without keys, is damaged or broken, or is giving you poor mileage, we will happily take it away. We know your cars are your prized possession and parting ways with them can be disheartening but if you get instant cash against them, you might feel better.

Whenever you are in search of VW wreckers in Adelaide contact us right away. Simply fill out an online form mentioning all the vehicle details along with your full name and phone number and we will reach your door for buying it from you. After dismantling your old vehicle, we send it for recycling and pull all the good parts away. Sell your old Volkswagen for the best prices and clear up your garage right away. Once you are ready, just give us a call at 0882 504 082 to get instant cash and a free quote.

We Accept All Volkswagen Makes & Models

Cars are considered one of the most valuable assets for any car owner but what happens when that asset starts becoming more of a burden than a fulfilling thing of utility? The answer is you start hunting for the best VW wreckers in Adelaide that can take your old, broken, or damaged vehicle away. We are a European cars dismantling company based in Adelaide, South Australia, and deal with a variety of makes and models of various companies.

Here at HS Car Removals, we carefully dismantle the vehicle, pull away all the good parts and send the faulty ones for recycling. So, once you think your top brand vehicle has crossed its lifespan, call us right away and we will take it away. Also, by doing it you will get the best value for your scrap right at your door. We are full-service VW wreckers in Adelaide that offers quality wrecking services to clients. We are flexible, trusted, and the best European wreckers team that deals with all types of models including Beetle, Caddy, Caddy Cargo, Caddy California, Crafter, and many more. Contact us today to get top cash against your scrap no matter its condition, make, or model.

Get Top Cash for Your Unwanted Volkswagen Cars

Volkswagen is a renowned European car manufacturer, hence owning one is a moment of pride. But as all good things come to an end, so will the life of your car and once you are ready to part ways with your loved Volkswagen Cars and are looking for the best European wreckers Adelaide, contact HS Car Removals right away. Our expert wreckers will handle your scrap in an environmentally friendly way by pulling out all the good parts and sending the rest for recycling. So, whether you want to upgrade your car model or just want to free some space in your garage, you can contact HS Car Removals. Their team will not just come at your door to remove the scrap away but also provide you top cash against it.

So, if you have an unused vehicle lying in your garage due to poor mileage, expensive repairs, or any other reason, get rid of it by contacting the best wrecking company in Adelaide. Hand over your scrap and collect good cash. Call now.

Why Choose Us?

Environmentally Friendly

We dispose of the vehicles very carefully and sustainably. The used car parts such as tires and other similar parts are sent for recycling and the good ones are retained for sale. The waste oils are collected and disposed of carefully.


We are a customer-centric company and provide the best service possible whether it is concerning selling parts or providing vehicle wrecking services, HS Car Removals is the best place to go.

All-inclusive Services

Our team is fully equipped with the high-tech machinery required to remove the scrap away from your home like heavy trucks and a team of expert truck drivers. Just call us for selling your old vehicle and we will take care of the rest.

Contact us at 0415 500 301 to gather more information on surrendering the scrap vehicle.

0415 500 301