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Things To Keep In Mind While Junking Your Car For Cash

Ready to get rid of the car that’s been snoring away in your garage for ages? Though the process of getting cash for unwanted cars in Adelaide can be quite stressful and time-consuming, if things go smoothly from your end, junking your unwanted cars can be easier than it seems. Before you junk your car for cash, there are a few things you must keep in mind.

From removing your personal stuff to canceling your Auto Insurance, here’s a list of 10 things you must consider before you get rid of an old car.

Ten Things To Keep In Mind

Removing your personal stuff 

The first thing you need to do is remove all your belongings that have been piled up in your car for ages. Frankly speaking, we spend a lot of time in our cars. From commuting to the office to dropping the kids off at school and adventurous road trips, we prefer keeping a lot of stuff in the car for emergency purposes.

However, when it’s time to junk your car to the car dismantlers Adelaide, it is essential to remove all the items so that there are no hassles during the final transaction. You can check the following compartments for your personal belongings-

  • Door pockets
  • Sun visors
  • Centre console
  • Glove compartment
  • Rear seat console
  • Overhead console
  • Cargo area
  • Under the car mats
  • Under the seats
  • CD player
  • Dashboard, armrest, rear deck and cargo area

Proving your ownership 

Before you opt for getting cash for unwanted cars in Adelaide, you must prove your ownership of the car. It is vital to get all your paperwork inline so that there are no hassles during the final transaction. You need to submit a valid ID to prove that the car belongs to you. In case you don’t have the title for the car, browse the internet for your state regulations to get an idea of what is required.

Assessing your vehicle 

Before you get into the entire process of junking your car, you must ask yourself the following questions-

  • Is the car drivable?
  • Are there any parts that can be resold?
  • Are there any parts that are severely damaged, like an engine during an accident?

Answering these questions will help you get familiar with the process of getting cash for unwanted cars Adelaide.

If certain parts like tires, alloy wheels, batteries or catalytic converters are in good shape, you can resell them on eBay. However, some car dismantlers in Adelaide might ask for whole cars and won’t want anything sold from the model. Therefore it is vital to ask the dismantler before selling any parts.

Having all important information in hand 

To get the best price for your car, it is recommended to have all the relevant information handy. While getting cash for unwanted cars Adelaide, you must keep the following information with you at all times-

  • Is the car in running condition?
  • Is the car in towable condition?
  • What is the model and year of the making of the car?
  • Information on cars exterior and interior
  • Vehicle’s identification number
  • What is the current mileage of the car?

Canceling Auto Insurance 

Before you get in touch with car dismantlers in Adelaide, you must get in touch with the insurance company and cancel your insurance for the car. You would have to explain that you are junk in your car and would like to terminate the insurance and the end of the selling date. In most cases, the coverage you paid for beyond the date would be refunded.

Summing Up

Before you decide to get cash for unwanted cars in Adelaide, you must get all sorted with the relevant information and carry out certain steps listed above. In addition to this, you must also remove the license plate before selling the car and compare quotes received from different auto salvage yards to get the best price.