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What is the Best Way to Dump Your Old Car?

Selling your car to a private dealer is the first thing that comes to mind while looking for car dumping options. 

But private dealers only buy usable cars. They are highly unlikely to buy an unfunctional automobile, let alone pay a decent amount. 

Moreover, you must bear legal fees and paperwork expenses while transferring the ownership. 

Therefore, a better option would be to hire car wreckers Adelaide. They are professionals who buy wrecked cars and pay a decent amount based on the vehicle’s condition. 

Let us discuss how beneficial this deal be for you:

  1.     Contact them whenever you want

You cannot deal with a private buyer with the same level of liberty as wreckers. The dealer may have more important things to do than worry about buying a wrecker car while you are adamant to sell it.

But wreckers are dedicated buyers. Since it is their full-time thing, they are always available 24×7 at your service. You can use Google maps to locate the nearest one and contact them. 

Following the call, they will visit your place, introspect your car for whatever functional components are there and quote a reasonable price accordingly. 

  1.     The towing services

Hiring a tow truck in Adelaide can cost around $100-250. This can easily be 20% of the total amount that your local dealer will pay you for a wrecked hatchback. 

Moreover, local dealers are highly unlikely to arrange for towing services. Therefore, you have to bear the cost of towing, which will further increase your pay. 

But professional Hyundai auto wreckers Adelaide will tow your car away for free. Wreckers have a business understanding with towing companies. Therefore, wreckers bear the brunt of towing charges while you receive the full amount. 

  1.     Pricing

How can a dealer, presumably a layperson, know the exact valuation of your wrecked car? Do they have the right equipment to check each component’s usability? Probably not. 

Therefore, if you sell it to them, you may get underpaid. Because they don’t know what exactly is the market value of your car’s functional parts. 

But wreckers give you a reasonable price based on their current market value. They segregate functional components from the unfunctional ones and pay you according to their future usability. 

  1.     The environmental protection

Old scrap metal tends to release toxic chemicals into the environment if not disposed of properly. The problem with a local dealer is that they may not know the right ways to dump the scrap. 

But that is not the case with a wrecker. They have hands-on experience in buying scrap cars. Therefore, they know how to hand over a wrecked car to an authentic junkyard that is likely to conduct the dumping process cautiously. 

As a result, wreckers ensure that the least amount of harm is caused to the environment. 

Final Thoughts

Hiring a car wrecker is far better than contacting a local dealer. You can dodge legal fees and towing fees. As a result, you get the full amount on your scrap vehicle. So, contact a car wrecker today and give your old car a perfect send-off.