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Why Sell a Written-Off Car Speedily

When the world has sunk deep into the problems of global warming, deaths attributed to air pollution from road transport indicate the intensity of the crisis.

While some vehicles are unavoidable to maintain the quality of life with easy access to medical supplies, ambulances or fire rescue trucks, no stricter emission regulations and targets have become laws in Australian jurisdictions to limit the damage they leave behind. The plans to get many more electric and hybrid means of transport on the road and reduce carbon footprints await implementation.

Insurance and finance implications of written-off vehicles vary by state. What do owners get into when the repair cost exceeds a vehicle’s market value? An unused, damaged car with problematic parts worsens over time and loses its resale value. Read ahead to find out why you should scrap it ASAP!

1. To sell for scrap

Finding a new owner for the car and arranging a sale is not an easy task. Even if you have the time and patience, all the hard work isn’t worth enough money.

The vehicle may be a disappointment on the road but better for your wallet when scrapped. When the car can’t run or function properly, it is possibly a good time to call for car removal in Adelaide for it to be collected.

It is always wise to have a responsible company handle defective automobiles. One can be happy with instant cash and reduced carbon footprints.

2. To save money on maintenance

A basic service for a standard vehicle can cost anywhere around $200 to $450. If the car has crossed its warranty period, a garage is bound to charge for its services and part replacements, if any. A 4-wheeler is generally a remarkable investment, and automobile lovers can’t see their prized possession in poor condition. They tend to do their best for upkeep.

Unfortunately, some old vehicles can’t be roadworthy. Since the installation or replacement of accessories can affect safety and performance, it is best to sell unwanted cars for cash. The team of technicians inspects the automobile, reports its condition and gives a resale value.

3. To prevent health risks

Old or damaged cars with chipped paint, metal body rust or dysfunctional exhaust can become carcinogenic and exposed to UV rays. Drivers and passengers are over-exposed to the polluted car interiors, body sweat and lead poisoning.

Rusts become progressively worse over time. The hazardous chemicals can have adverse health effects for a regular user.


Although you can claim the cost of repairs to a damaged car through an insurance company, one must bid goodbye to an old or defective vehicle for road safety and to prevent recurring expenses. The sooner you get rid of it, the better it is.